Barack Obama Goes 2.0

Today, in English101 class, we evaluated different Barack Obama websites as examples of different types of sites for different information needs. This site is his campaign site and I found it very interesting. It’s essentially a MySpace for Obama supporters. It has many Web 2.0 features, including the ability to create ones own profile, invite friends to join, create a blog, and more. Here’s a screen shot:
This quote is from the blog on as an illustration of the personal connection Obama is able to generate with this type of site. “Andrew from Denver, Colorado has set up his own fundraising page where people take their height and then donate $10 a foot. He even enlisted “Hiro” the ice cream man to create his own graphic to help you understand…classic!
If you’re interested in helping Andrew reach his goal of $5,280 (for the mile high city of course), click here to help out – especially if you’re REALLY tall.”