Circulating Shoes?

Well, the Annoyed Librarian did it again – made me laugh out loud! Take a look at this hilarious post. But once you’ve finished chuckling, read the comments. Behind the sarcasm, as usual, is a really good point!

Libraries are in the midst of a major identity crisis. If you believe this post, you believe that libraries will not exist in the future.



I really loved the post below from Barbara Fister at ACRLog. I’m picturing our library with giant earbuds. Our library is six stories tall. It would certainly capture students’ interest. The ETS’ ICT exam measures not only computer skills but also information literacy skills. We have been interested in a trial here on our campus. I just hope the jazzy new name doesn’t make it sound too frivolous to spend a lot of money on.

The ETS has renamed its ICT exam to iSkills to make it sound more relevant and hip. At least they didn’t call it iSkillz. I’m guessing people got tired of explaining the acronym – or correcting people when they assumed the C stood for computer. But in the rush to be cool, I wonder: Should UDub rename its LIS program iSchool? Should we drape giant white earbuds over our libraries to make them appear more plugged in? iDoubt it.”

Where Do You Think You’re Going, Mister!?

Where Do You Think You're Going, Mister!?

I’m going to use this comic as the introduction to my Faculty Blogging Workshop next month!

I saw it on Nicole Engard’s blog What I Learned Today.

Hot Books – Playing at the Library

One of our librarians, Sandy Hudock, thinks we should host a matchmaking night at the library. If you want to meet someone you come and hang out in the call number section of the library that represents your interests. Then you look for someone else with the same interests as yourself. In general, I think the idea of playing in the library is wonderful. Below is an example I read about on Jenny Levine’s blog. It’s for a game they played at the New York Public Library – kind of a combination of tag and hide and seek with a book twist. Check it out.

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Annoyed Librarian

Well, I’m sure you have to be a librarian to appreciate this post, but I must say I was practically rolling in my desk chair over this one. To heck with Lonelygirl15! Who is the Annoyed Librarian??

Here’s an excerpt from the Annoyed Librarian’s critique of ALA’s Top 10 Reasons to Become a Librarian. Recruitment material indeed!

“3. Good working conditions.” Relatively speaking, of course. “I’ve worked in factories where I stood on my feet for nine hours. I’ve worked in kitchens where I came home smelling of puréed peas…. In a library, you’re clean, dry, warm, and working with people who are generally happy to be there.” Well, my library is certainly better than a factory or a kitchen, but talk about trying to find the silver lining. I’m not sure about people being generally happy to be here. Most of my colleagues didn’t just stumble in from a pea factory, though, so perhaps they’re not as grateful as they should be. But yes, I’m clean, dry, and warm. If I were a puppy, this would be the perfect job.”

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