McCain is Saved from Librarian Fashion Faux Pas

I guess you can’t have it all. According to Technorati links about the Carol Kreck video clip, where she is shown defending her right to free speech on public property in Denver at an open McCain town hall meeting, she is a both a “Democracy Superhero” as well as an “affront to fashion conscious Americans“. You go girl!

In all seriousness, take a look at the comments about this clip on YouTube. Some of the comments are so rude you can’t take them seriously. But of the serious comments, I have to say that the Kreck supporters were more on target. For example, one obvious McCain supporter comments “Refusing to put a sign away was apparently a violation of the rules of the townhall meeting. That is why she was asked to put it away. She refused and was then asked to leave. She refused and was then trespassing. If she wasn’t allowed to be there and refused to leave, then that is trespassing. She should have put the sign away and then sought to ask hardball questions to McCain. That would have been the smart thing to do“. Are you kidding me? If her sign had said McCain for America (or something like that) she would also have been asked to leave? Uh huh.


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