The Value of Interlibrary Loan

One of our faculty members emailed me this article today, and I found it very rewarding. In an environment where we are continually asked to do more with less, to introduce new resources every semester, and to justify our existence, it’s wise to occasionally take stock of what we are doing well and it’s nice to know that our efforts make a difference. In the article below an American scholar studying in a foreign country is faced with the reality that free interlibrary loans are not universal and learns to appreciate the value of interlibrary loan that she received at her home institution.

Chronicle Careers: 3/14/2007: What Goes Around
Even more heartening is Gorman’s observation that interlibrary lending is “the only professional service I can think of in which the provider pays the cost.” The faith our libraries show in the ability of that service to somehow, someday, contribute to a greater good is remarkable, and yet usually goes unremarked.


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