Annoyed Librarian: To the Frustrated Trendsetters

Annoyed Librarian: To the Frustrated Trendsetters

“They are not going to start a blog, because they not only have nothing to say, but (and this is what separates them from many bloggers) they know they have nothing to say and they don’t want to bore people with their trivial thoughts.”

I always love the Annoyed Librarian’s posts. They brighten my day more than any other heavy library blogs I read! Today’s post was especially funny because it could have been a direct response to a conversation I had earlier this week. On Monday, I met with other academic library directors and library leaders in my state to plan a library summit for next spring. The topic we are exploring is something about how libraries are pushing out of traditional roles and exploring new service models, due in large part to advances in social computing. One of our observations was that, in addition to break out sessions for librarians interested in learning about these new developments, we should also have some sessions on coping with all the changes. I’m now convinced that we need the Annoyed Librarian to lead the coping session! Read more below. I certainly hope my blog doesn’t fall into this category!


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