apophenia: a spazzy danah talk

One of the most prolific speakers regarding MySpace and social networking sites gave a talk at UNC Chapel Hill regarding her research towards her dissertation about MySpace. I haven’t listened to the whole talk yet, because it is fairly long, but I plan to. She has a lot of interesting things to say about teenagers and MySpace. This would be an interesting clip to show in some of our Mass Comm/New Media classes.

Of what I’ve heard so far, the most interesting comment to me personally is that teens today are so controlled and hyperscheduled (is that a new word?) that they don’t have the freedoms we had growing up to socialize in an unsupervised environment. Thus, they turn to MySpace where they can have that freedom. On a personal note, I’m now left wondering what I’ve done to my children’s social development skills, because I have invaded their MySpaces (with their permission). In fact, I asked my 15 year old daughter before I tried to add her to my own space if she would mind, but she said it would be fine. I try not to get on her page too often. My eleven year olds love it when I comment on their spaces.

I have also created a forum open to all the students at our University to chat with me about the library on MySpace and a few have responded, so I guess some don’t mind the adult intrusion. However, the vast majority have ignored me. Well, I genuinely want to meet them in a social setting, so I don’t try to usurp the communication tools too much – I think that would be a bit creepy. But the ones I’ve met have been delightful.

apophenia: a spazzy danah talk
September 28, 2006
a spazzy danah talk

When i was in North Carolina a few weeks back, i gave an off-the-cuff talk at UNC. The ibiblio folks have uploaded a video of it to their site. Since i still can’t stand seeing myself speak, i won’t watch it but if i remember correctly, about half of it is me answering various questions that i received before the talk and the second half is me answering questions in the room. It’s by no means a formal talk but rather a spewing of random ideas, thoughts, and observations. I don’t know if it’ll be interesting to anyone, but i figured i should at least post about it since so many ibiblio folks are wandering over here from their site (hi!!!)


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