Annoyed Librarian

Well, I’m sure you have to be a librarian to appreciate this post, but I must say I was practically rolling in my desk chair over this one. To heck with Lonelygirl15! Who is the Annoyed Librarian??

Here’s an excerpt from the Annoyed Librarian’s critique of ALA’s Top 10 Reasons to Become a Librarian. Recruitment material indeed!

“3. Good working conditions.” Relatively speaking, of course. “I’ve worked in factories where I stood on my feet for nine hours. I’ve worked in kitchens where I came home smelling of puréed peas…. In a library, you’re clean, dry, warm, and working with people who are generally happy to be there.” Well, my library is certainly better than a factory or a kitchen, but talk about trying to find the silver lining. I’m not sure about people being generally happy to be here. Most of my colleagues didn’t just stumble in from a pea factory, though, so perhaps they’re not as grateful as they should be. But yes, I’m clean, dry, and warm. If I were a puppy, this would be the perfect job.”

Click here for the whole post: Annoyed Librarian


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