My Innocence is Shattered – Lonelygirl15 is a FAKE!

Ok, so I’m still learning about Web2.0 and social software. I’m a novice. But I was a happy, innocent novice. I really enjoyed lonelygirl15’s videos on YouTube. I reveled in the thought that there was such a teenager, who actually knew who Gilbert and Sullivan were. I ignored the rumors and buried my head in the sand. Today, my innocence is shattered. I confess to feeling a bit used at the thought that what was portrayed as “real” was actually an experiment! Read more about the admission on Monkey Bites:

“As if the clues weren’t all pointing in this direction already, we now have confirmation. A group of independent filmmakers have been producing the famous LonelyGirl15 videos and posting them on YouTube. Bree and Daniel are actors. Danah Boyd has the full run-down.”

Do we really want the Internet to become just another reality TV show?

Heavy sigh!


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