Library as Information Center

I have just spent the last two days meeting with the architects that are helping us to prepare a program plan to turn in to the state for funding for a library revitalization. These guys ask really good questions! They have been encouraging the campus to think about the library of the future as the Information Center for campus with the librarians serving as information managers. This is not a totally revolutionary concept, but as we were discussing it with our director of IT, it made me realize that there is more overlap than I realized. It became clear that we each considered ourselves responsible in some ways for the management of certain records. I am the official liaison to the State Archives to report on how the campus is disposing of records and to ensure that campus units comply with state retention guidelines. However, IT is the one actually helping the departments digitize and archive their information as this process has become largely electronic. But neither of us has particularly worried about how to organize access to campus generated information. I am planning to do some research to find out how many academic libraries are using institutional repositories as a means to provide access to university administrative and student data as well as academic data. One good example that I know of is Georgia Tech.


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